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Yamanevler  Ortaokulu  is a secondary school  which was established in the centre of Umraniye, İstanbul  in 1963. Since then,it has provided education for many students. In the past (until 2014)it was both primary and secondary school. After some educational changes,it became a secondary school. It is one of the most popular schools of Umraniye.Approximately every year 400 students graduate from this school. Some students come by school buses from surrounding towns. It has totally 1526 students now. In the morning 757 students (7th and 8th classes)  and  in the afternoon , 682 students( 5th and 6th classes) have education at Yamanevler  Secondary School. First lesson starts at 7.10 p.m and the last lesson ends at 6.40 p.m)There are 33 classrooms ,73 teachers who are experienced in their branches, a school principal and 4 deputy principals at school.Yamanevler Secondary  School  is located in the Asian side of İstanbul. It is 600 m far from the town of Umraniye. Umraniye is a very large working class district of Istanbul, Turkey, with a population of over 650,000 inhabitants. It began as a small village of under 900 people mainly immigrated from Black Sea Region, but in the early 1950s. Its population grew far beyond its capacity during the 1970s and 1980s due to migration to the cities from rural areas of Anatolia. Ümraniye is one of the fastest growing areas in Istanbul. Numerous international businesses are now based in Umraniye, which attract young, well-educated people from all over Turkey. 
All students learn English as a foreign language.All classes are equipped with projections, smart boards, sound system equipments and internet Access. There are 34 whiteboards (called as”smart boards” in Turkey) now  all blackboards  changed  into whiteboards this year. 5th and 6th class students have information Technologies lessons at a specific classroom equipped with computers at the school.
Yamanevler secondary school  is also good at many  sports such as karate, table tennis, basketball and football  


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