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Hunderupskolen is a school of 765 pupils and has a faculty of 45 teachers . The pupils range from pre-school to the 9th grade. The school is one of our city's biggest and is located in the centre of Odense, which is the 3rd biggest city in Denmark. The school is well known for high standards in creating stimulating learning environments for the students. The majority of the parents have graduated from long educations and they ask questions to improve their children's education. They are very supportive parents! The faculty is a mix of many interests and teachers supply/support each other both in teaching, but also in social ways. Hunderupskolen is a relatively new school, but it has managed to build up good traditions during the year which encourage the students to help and understand each other across grades and age. Being part of this project will hopefully enable the students to expand their perception of what it means to be a European citizen instead of just being Danish. Also the project will enable the students to see that we are very different, but despite differenties, we need to help each other to overcome different problems, and if we work together, we are able to embrace and include people in need. And this on many levels.  The school is the coordinating school and will be in charge of getting the project moving forward.


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