On Top of the World
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           Crossing Borders

   2016 -2019

The intention with this project is to facilitate learning. To engage students in learning across borders, to push students to become more aware and better citizens in Europe. It is aimed to develop pupil emotional wellbeing so that our children can become confident, happy and well adjusted individuals. Individuals who will take responsibility for their peers no matter where they come from and with what back ground. And furthermore have the synergy work within the pupils, so they are ready to step outside their comfort zone, reach out and help others who really need help being integrated in European communities.
Our project will enable partner schools to share best practice in various pedagogical approaches and teaching methods.
It will help break down barriers and prevent prejudice and stereotyping. It will foster a greater understanding and empathy towards the different  languages, cultures and ways of life of both pupils and teachers in each of the partner countries.
It will enable partner schools to share approaches to develop more culturally literate pupils. It will develop better and more responsible European citizens of the future.

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