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Sf. Vineri” Secondary School is situated in Ploiesti city, in Prahova County, Romania. It is 60 kilometres away from the capital city, Bucharest and near Prahova Valley, an area with high tourist potential, famous for its chain of resorts.
 The city of Ploiesti is one of the largest in our country as it used to be a highly industrial one, with 5 refineries surrounding the city. Unfortunately, the  economic  crisis took its toll on the industry of the city and some of these refineries closed their gates, others had to restructure creating a high unemployment rate. There are many families that find everyday life to be a struggle and yet dream of a better future for their children. These families strongly believe that school is the only means to help their young and that only education will improve their children’s future. Our school tries to meet the needs for education of our struggling society by encouraging its students to reach higher and believe that everything can be achieved through knowledge.
Our school welcomes 740 primary classes’ students and 515 lower secondary students. Many of our students have to commute to school as they live in villages nearby. We have a number of 61 teachers out of whom: 24 primary school teachers and 47 lower secondary school teachers. Five of our teachers are national formative tutors.  The mission of our school is to be open to students’ needs and future challenges, to encourage them be open to change and understand and respect the socio-cultural values of our society.


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