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Our school Professor Paula Nogueira Group, is located in Olhão, the Algarve region in southern Portugal.
The city has about 25,000 inhabitants. The inhabitants work mainly in the tertiary sector (services), but there is also activity in the primary sector (agriculture and fishing) and secondary (industry).
Our school comprises units from Pre-School Education to the 3rd cycle, is currently classified as TEIP (Educational Territory of Priority Intervention).
With the aim of combating social exclusion have several classes of alternative routes.
With the aim of improving the level of training, we also have several courses CEF (Course of education and training) in particular in cuisine and pastry
and CV(Vocational Course) (Arts and crafts / Operator Multimedia and IT / Family Support and Community).
It is  paramount importance and knowledge of  exchange between different countries, with the aim of improving European integration.


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